Malaysia Needs A Clean Sweep – But Will The Old Guard Clean Out The Country First?

The past month is just a warning of the dire fate the country and the new generation face from the lawless greed of Malaysia’s old guard and ruling elites. GE15 must bring a clean sweep on an anti-corruption agenda or these throwbacks will swipe what resources are left and then depart….

Pass Round Hat To Pay Billionaires’ Bill!

Native Rights Campaigner Denis Along faces imminent jail if he cannot find the RM10,000 the courts have punished him for daring to contest the seizure of his community’s lands to build a luxury hotel for the Taib family….

Thug Politics Reaching A Crescendo Towards GE15?

After two bully buy-elections UMNO’s beleaguered Court Cluster are pressing for an early GE15 where they hope to pull off another bully win. Their PN ‘allies’ still have unfinished business however, including their plan to ‘make Malaysia the global cutting edge for 5G technology’ (or at least to spend the budget they set aside) and seeing the same Court Cluster off to jail…..

Another Scandalous Sarawak Election Has Unfolded – No Surprise

Malaysians ought not to blame Longhouse folk for the culture of money politics. The federal government has propped up a kleptocratic local dictatorship for decades in return for Sarawak’s oil. It has not lifted a finger against corruption in the state, gross gerrymandering and the violation of election rules by the local thugocracy who think rules simply don’t apply to them…..

Critics Warned To Be Afraid Of The Return Of Najib – Shades of Altantuya?

Publishers Penguin have seen fit to produce a book written by a Najib apologist who was paid from money stolen from 1MDB. The book threatens critics (named ‘enemies’) to be ‘very afraid’ of a triumphant return of the convicted leader and suggests that the money stolen from SRC was just a small amount. Maybe he forgets the US$170 million that went from SRC into Najib’s dollar account? …..

Red Notice Signals Red Faces For The Sabri Government

The Malaysian Government has stated that the Editor of Sarawak Report is a ‘fugitive’ who has “fled abroad to avoid prosecution”. For this they state they are issuing an INTERPOL Red Notice request. Does Malaysia need yet more such National Embarrassment over Najib and 1MDB?….

What GPS’s Greedy Old Men Of Sarawak Have To Offer vs WELFARE & HEALTH CARE

If Sarawakians could look beyond the GPS bullying and the bribes to vote for PKR and the opposition’s ‘Welfare & Healthcare’ manifestoes the remaining resources of their beleaguered state could be channelled into making them comfortable like the people of Brunei, instead of being subjugated by greedy outsiders in their own lands for a few ringgit and some cigarettes ……

Dear Lynas Legal Department – Attn: Your General Counsel

Australia has a Bribery of Foreign Public Officials Act that prohibits blandishments to foreign decision makers, influencers or their intermediaries for the purpose of commercial advantage. This includes the awarding of sweet contracts to gain licences for business. We ask Lynas’s top legal eagle to reassure us that the company has not fallen foul due to its actions in Malaysia ……

GPS’s Shameful Sham Election Will Kill Sarawakians

The hasty decision by GPS to ditch the Emergency and hold the election just days before a swathe of new young educated voters will be mandated onto the electoral register will kill people in Sarawak. It is a price GPS are plainly prepared to pay for their own political advantage. What more do we need to know about them?…..

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