Gangster State

How Taib Family’s Palm Oil Thugs Enforce ‘Rough Justice’

Warning ‘VIOLENT CONTENT’ but you should view it ……

Thug Rule In Sarawak

Once again local people seeking to benefit from their own lands have found themselves ultimately combatted by brute force, mediated by ‘police’ hired by the plantation company in question……

Gopi’s Police Network – More Shocking Connections Identified From Gangster Suspect’s Call List MAJOR EXCLUSIVE

Sarawak Report demonstrated last month that the IGP himself, his son and his brother in law had all been in regular contact with the arrested suspected gangster ‘Gopi’, along with several of his top cops. Khalid admitted the information was true but he has refuted concerns about the connection, threatening Sarawak Report he could not answer for its safety if the Editor came to KL …..

Ministers Ordered Police To Free Crony Gangsters – EXCLUSIVE!

  Sarawak Report can reveal that four head gangsters, who were caught after the discovery of an enormous illegal arms cache at the disputed logging and plantation concessions at Melikin, were freed by police on instructions from ministers! Since their release there has been a further series of vicious attacks on local people, whom the

Spotlight On Melikin – How Gangsterism And Politics Mix In Sarawak..

Taib Mahmud has complained that Sarawak is in the ‘media spotlight’ after years of ‘obscurity’. But, thanks to that obscurity and his own media blackout, gangsterism has been allowed to flourish unreported against the native people of the state. For years these organised thugs have waged systematic violence against rural communities, in order to enforce the

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