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Who Is Running The Shop?

Press reports record an “3 hour audience” between the Agong and his new Prime Minister. They do not go on to give any details as to why the meeting lasted that long. New instructions? Formal contacts between Prime Ministers and monarchs occur in other constitutional monarchies, Britain for example, But three hours? What possible business […]

Don’t Be Fooled

There is a disturbing amount of reporting about how PH will assist PN in the public interest. How much of that is fuelled by sheer naivety and how much by hope of financial gain remains to be seen. But seen it will be. Just as 1MDB and mega crook Najib were seen. Meanwhile the Court

Timber Terrorism

Readers of Sarawak Report will have been horrified by the latest report on timber terrorism. It is not just the senile arch criminal Taib Mahmud who is to blame for this environmental mega crime but also the criminal timber merchants who have his “permission” to commit eco terrorism on a world scale. At a time

Crawl Crawl

After a long and publicly appreciated silence former AG Apandi has put his head above the parapet to inform an uninterested public that “according to the Constitution” there is no need for a vote of confidence to prove Sabri’s majority. This simple lesson in the obvious will hardly impress anybody and presumably indicates that its

Well Meaning But

Press reports quote the Sultan of  Perak as saying that the new government must rule justly. Admirable sentiment. He might just as well have asked that flying saucers avoid Malaysian air space. And with the same effect. His sincerity is not in question but Malaysians will wonder what world he has been living in since

Letter To The Agong

Now that your choice, and that of perhaps one other, for Prime Minister has finally admitted that he is not wanted and gone you have to find another. A glance at the record of your previous sounding of MLA opinion as to who should be Prime Minister will show you that the person at the

Open Letter To The Yang Di-Pertuan Agong

Sir, You, and your fellow Rulers were, by the new Malaysian Constitution entrusted with the duties of rotating Head of State. As such the law and the people of Malaysia expect you to discharge your constitutional duties in a fair and responsible manner. Not too much to hope for? Among those duties is to appoint

Fortune Favours The Brave

Young Malaysians must feel bewilderment and disgust at the antics of their so-called government. And who can blame them? In the popular phrase, however hard you try you couldn’t make it up. Like a rotten fruit there is only one thing to do and that is bin it. That you can do at the next election

What Lies!

There have been some murky annals In the history of Malaysia since it was formed. Notably the mega thefts committed by former Prime Minister Najib and the racial slaughter overseen by his father. However any dispassionate future historian will probably point to the egregious lying statement issued by Moo as the most outrageous political event

Our MPs: Are they traitors or nation builders?

The Vibes reports that Pasir Salak MP Datuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman stated that “some of those who signed the SDs withdrawing their backing (for Mahiaddin) have also signed a separate (secret) document expressing support for the government” (Aug 12, ‘Just wait for D-Day’: PM wouldn’t call for vote if he was unsure of winning,

Won’t Act. Can’t Act?

It has to be one or the other when power exists but is unused despite a grave emergency. And it is only in those terms that the situation in Malaysia can be described. There is a discredited criminal government in power. The whole country knows it so so must its constitutional Head. That person has

Power Without Responsibility?

Proverbially described as the privilege of the harlot but not, unhappily, limited to those unfortunate women. Instances of the syndrome appear frequently in different places and circumstances. Among these: present day Malaysia, where an intolerable situation that could be resolved by the use of existing powers is being allowed to drag on and get worse

Act Now

As the Head of State invested with constitutional powers you cannot just ignore events in your country. There is a devastating epidemic of disease raging unchecked while criminal Ministers fill their pockets with stolen public money and allow citizens to die by the hundreds. Everyone in Malaysia is fully aware of what is happening and

Special Relationship?

One of Moo’s comic gang of “ministers” is reported in the press as saying that his master has a “special relationship” with the Agong. Assuming that he did say so the Malaysian public have a right to know the details of this and what part it played in Moo’s appointment to his present, temporary, position.

No Need To Wait. Use S. 29

Of the Interpretation and General Clauses legislation; which is part of Malaysian statutory law. It provides, inter alia, that where a power to appoint exists there also exists, unless specifically provided otherwise,, a power to dismiss. The Constitution specifically provides for the Agong to appoint a Prime Minister and it follows the he has the

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