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Licking The Boots Of An Accused Murderer

Former Defence and current Foreign Minister, Najib relative Hishamuddin, has circulated photos showing Malaysia’s ‘PM8’ finally receiving his ‘personal welcome’ by the Saudi Crown Prince (who just happened to be at the airport to also meet the Kings of Jordan and Bahrain and Moo timed his visit back from Medina).

It is a meeting that most of us would go a long way to avoid. If there is any merit in meeting someone accused of ordering the death of his journalist critic in Turkey perhaps Hishamuddin will let us know what it is.

The relevant repots do not specify the reasons for this “official visit” by Moo. Maybe there are none. Just a jaunt at the taxpayers expense to try to display a non existent relevance? Or, could there be a concern, as voiced by the former defence minister, that ‘PM8’ is willing to return Malaysia’s troops to fight the Saudi’s brutal desert war in Yemen?

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