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Legalised Theft

The latest criminal action by the minority PN “government” is to use the “emergency” to authorise PN to allow funds to be spent beyond what was authorised in the recent “budget” !

Not content with pillaging the public purse by a “Budget” the King had demanded by passed by a dubious Parliament under threat of an emergency PN, now the emergency has been passed anyway are authorising further pillaging unlimited by anything other than the unavailability of funds. And that problem can easily be solved by borrowing from foreign banks; just like  Najib did. From one crook to lots of others

Neither Moo nor any of his “associates” offers any explanation why, just weeks after the “budget” more public spending is needed. Of course not since the sole reason for the new “authority” is to enable PN to steal yet more public funds. Let Moo deny that. If he dares!

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