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A Slip Of The Tongue?

Press reports quote a PN youth information chief as claiming that PN has displayed  “leadership, policy wisdom and sincerity” in defending the people’s welfare since it “took office”

Possibly he meant to say that PN ministers, headed by ‘PM8’ had done all of that. For themselves! It is a pity that he did not think fit to comment on PN’s  intentions concerning the general election urgently being touted by UMNO and others. That is something that ‘Moo’ has been notably reluctant to speak about.

Perhaps because he realises that once the “emergency” ends (and even the most craven of PN supporters cannot hope to prolong it indefinitely) parliament will sit and the fact that he is in a minority will become inescapable . But why go on to think that a general election would ensue?  PH, with a demonstrable majority in the Assembly could and should resume its work cut short by the playacting of its former boss and give the electors what they voted for in the past general election.

Even though the Constitution gives medieval powers to the Head of State he will, in practice, have to follow democratic norms and fall in with whatever a PH Prime Minister with a majority in the Assembly wants to do.

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