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Damocles’ Sword

The the clause in the Federal Constitution that requires Parliament to sit every six months or to be dissolved is the sword that now hangs over the head of the coup coalition and its “selected in advance” puppet Moo.

It has to be supposed that those behind the PN coup (and al Malaysians know full well who they are) thought that they could strip the national purse bare and take off for their preferred exile (UAE? Cayman Islands or wherever the chances of mega thieves being arrested are smallest).

Unless they run for it before next month, or simply officialise their dictatorship, the Assembly will meet, they will be voted down and soon thereafter arrested and tried as previous would be dictators like Najib have been.

Malaysians will be forced to wonder how those concerned ever thought that they could get away with their blatant smash and grab. Pride goes before a fall, if one more proverbial allusion is permitted, and a prouder lot with so little to be proud about would be very hard to find anywhere.

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