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Hard Feelings

According to Press reports, so far not denied, the Agong is “feeling that the present government’s activities should not be interrupted”. That, of course, is merely a journalistic take and not supported by any official announcement,

However no one would be surprised to learn that such an opinion is based on fact. After all the “present government” would not exist at all if the Agong had listened to the MLAs he consulted before appointing the unwanted, unqualified Moo as Prime Minister. He did not and no explanation has yet been offered as to why a politician who had no support in the Assembly should have been selected for the top jib. The failure to explain had led to a whole raft of speculation; much of it unfavourable, and which anyone concerned about personal reputation would hurry to clarify.

None the less silence continues to reign and rumour to expand. Thus personal reputations are diminished and eventually destroyed.

Turning to the “present government’s activities” reputed in the Press to enjoy regal approbation. Can this really be so? Does Moo present a daily report to his appointer on progress? It cannot be that reliance is being placed on the Press whose coverage of PN’s infamous conduct is restrained by the threat of “emergency” punishment? The Assembly, however many rogues it contains, is the constitutional body responsible for government and administration. Its performance is tested and accepted or rejected by the voters.
They should have their chance to pass a verdict on government at ALL levels.

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