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Comic Cops

Of course Malaysians will not pay attention to, other than laughing at, the KL police “chief” reported in the national press as saying that  MLAs who gathered outside Parliament would “be called in for questioning soon” About what? That he apparently did not say, perhaps thinking that vague threats by a minor police official could […]

The PDRM Is There To PROTECT The People’s Representatives

The PDRM is not a Gestapo. At least not yet despite efforts to make it one by convicted thief Najib and failed dictator Moo. But it has come perilously nest to that status more than once, led by some of the most ignorant toadies ever to hold senior rank in a police force anywhere. And that

Ground To A Halt?

Proverbially the “wheels of justice grind exceeding slow but exceeding small.” It appears that in Malaysia even that slow pace has ground to a halt. What else are Malaysians to conclude from the facts that a former Prime Minister, Najib, has ben convicted of serious criminal offences, sentenced to a long term of imprisonment but

Elected For Life?

Sarawak Assembly member Ali Biju is reported as stating that as the Sarawak Assembly has been unable to sit due to Covid its lifetime, due to expire shortly, should be unilaterally extended. Proposing this he made no mention of the wishes of the voters who, with less perception than blind men, put him in the

Dry Run?

Puppet PM Moo ran away from the Assembly hearing leaving non member Finance Minister Zaiful to answer questions.  Many Malaysians would like to know why? Is he too ill to do the job taxpayers fund? Ot too stupid to be able to give sensible answers? Or just too malu to face the Assembly? Dont hold

Barrack Room Lawyer?

Najib, who never lets a day pass without some form of self publicity is now questioning the “legitimacy” of the PN government which has so far kept him out of jail by blocking the hearing of his appeal against conviction. Biting the hand that feeds him comes to mind. Or is it the plan that

No Confidence!

With a minority government clinging to office and refusing to go; as is presently the case in Malaysia, Parliamentarians will turn to the “bible” of parliamentary practice, Erskine May for guidance. Its advice on the matter of No Confidence motions is UNEQUIVOCAL – if the leader of the opposition calls for one the Government MUST

Saved Lives!

Is what puppet Prime Minister Moo is reported to have said that the government has done! His own included though he made no mention of his own prolonged free hospital treatment. In fact what his government has actually done is lose Malaysian lives thanks to its disastrous ‘vaccine rollout’. Who has profited from the foolish

Najib Is A Cracked Record

Hardly a day passes without Najib publicly attacking the government that is keeping him out of Sg. Buloh by continuously delaying the Court of Appeal from hearing his case. Is he trying to prove that things were better when he was PM? On that latter point it is unarguable that invalid Moo is doing a

Allow Debate!

What has democracy come to in Malaysia when the “governing party” has to be urged to allow debate? Malaysians should recognise that what they have is an illegiimate government, in minority in the Assembly, headed by a terminally ill deadbeat who NONE of his fellow MLAs wanted as Prime Minister. In the face of this

Twenty First Century Highwaymen

In England centuries ago travel between towns meant either on horseback for the young and fit or by horse drawn coach for other travellers. Such travel was expensive and it was certain that those able to move about would have substantial funds in their possession. That state of affairs gave rise to a type of

Why Only Four?

The joke process continues. Now FOUR “senior ministers” What is the difference between senior ministers and ordinary ones? Certainly not competence since the whole bunch them have one thing in common. Sticky fingers. No one needs a special title for that. So come on fully functioning PM. Make them all “senior ministers” That could be

Who Should He Listen To?

The topic du jour, according to the media, which is currently full of statements by lawyers and others, is to whom the Agong should listen. So far no one has quoted a close royal partner to whom the Agong is believed to have listened over the choice of Moo as shock Prime Minister. There are

Who Knows Better?

The statement by the Agong calling for an early recall of the Assembly based, it must be assumed, on qualified advice received. Now Malaysians hear the Speaker of the Assembly reportedly contradicting the Agong by saying that September would not be too late for such a meeting “to address Malaysia’s multiple crises” Unfortunately the Speaker,

Who Rules?

Puppet “PM8″ is reported as saying that the Assembly will meet again “either in September or October” That, among other things, appears to credit Moo with supernatural powers to predict the future. It also shows him to be nothing more than a royal puppet, the announcement coming after yet another “audience “with the Agong. Many

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