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Overcrowded Calendar?

If the higher courts can find time to consider the complaints of lawyer Shafee, as they are reported in the Press to have done, then surely time can be found to hear the appeal of mega crook Najib against his conviction? Failure to do that can only leave an impression that there is political interference […]

Pandora’s Box

In saying publicly that he can never become Prime Minister because he called for the Pandora Papers to be debated in the Assembly Anwar Ibrahim might have been exaggerating the position? But there should certainly be a full parliamentary enquiry into the Malaysian aspects of this world wide criminal activity. Any Malaysian involvement in those

Testing What?

Public credulity? Does the new IGP seriously think that car importers will bring cars, already painted in police livery, simply for testing Or could he not think of a better excuse? It seems that the feature of conspicuous waste of public money has spread from PN to Bukit Aman? Worst of all is that the

Pain In The Neck?

The phrase often used to describe a person who is a nuisance or a bore. Now, it is claimed, that this affliction cannot be cured by any Malaysian medical expertise and requires treatment in Europe? Whats more this affliction only appears at intervals such as when criminal trials are reaching a critical phase! Some credit

Let’s Not Have An Election!

Since the Melaka government fell there has been talk of the need for an election there. This has clearly frightened PN, who dont support elections anywhere or anytime. Any public test of their popularity and record would certainly result in a major slap in the face for them. Its one thing to have control of

Why Does He Bother?

Press reports quote mega crook Najib as claiming that “top legal and financial firms” had misled him! Poor innocent ignorant crook! Misled into mega theft! While physically present at his criminal trials perhaps he was mentally absent? About to plead insanity? Why indeed does he bother? So long as his criminal associates n PN are

They Won’t Get An Answer

While it is reasonable for the combined Opposition to query the Attorney General about letting off PN criminals from corruption charges it is also a waste of their time. They will never get a sensible answer since those concerned are abusing the law quite deliberately and know it. PN are a gang of crooks, out

Where Did It Come From?

Reportedly sneaking after paying RM i million to “compound” corruption charges, UMNO Secretary General Ahmad Maslan said that he was a “victim” who would not have had to pay if different laws had been passed! Such as a law authorising UMNO and PN to steal public money when and how much as they pleased? He

Any Comment Prime Minister?

Press reports indicate that a “senior counter-terrorism official” has stated publicly that the Malaysian education system does not train students “to think critically” Very true. In fact it, quite deliberately, trains them not to think at all. If they did crooked politicians such as PN would never be elected. Malaysians should be grateful to this

A Lot Of Damage?

Is what “Special Functions” minister Abdul Latin said concerning the very costly “renovations to be carried out at the official residence Seri Perdana. He did NOT go on to specify the damage(s) or to identify who caused them. Why not? If huge sums of public money need to be spent on repairs why are those

Red Alert On Prisons

A PN deputy minister has stated that Malaysia’s prisons are so full that their capacity has been exceeded by over 13%- And this while PN personalities like Najib and Zahid have yet to take up their reserved places! Malaysians will easily understand why PN has been so negligent about this. They just do not believe

Just Like That!

Press reports state that the Dewan Rakyat were told yesterday that no investigation had been made into the theft of funds from Tabung Haji. Those reports did not go on to explain why no investigation had been made and guilty parties brought to justice. Is it to be assumed by intending pilgrims that their contributions

Impossible To Insult?

Press reports of a prosecution of a Malaysian accused of insulting the Agong raise some disturbing issues. Not least the use of legislation intended to deal with misuse of the Press to persecute a simple critic. Are Malaysians not allowed to hold the view that royalty is an outdated and inappropriate institution in this day

Don’t Think They Have Forgotten You

Press reports state that the Court of Appeal has allowed a request from the family of murdered Altantuya for copies of police statements. These have not been asked for for historical reasons but to support legal action against the gang of politicians and police officers responsible for her murder. Some might think that PN protection

To Advise The Ministry Of Finance!

It is reported that mega thief Najib has been appointed “to advise the Ministry of Finance” Talk about putting a fox in the hen house! What were the qualifications sought by criminal PN in looking for a suitable candidate for such an important role? “Must have previous fraud convictions”? Must be willing to share proceeds

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