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A Role In Government

Mega crook Najb is reported as saying that he has discussed with Ismail Sabri “a role in government”

Why not? He would be quite at one with a lot of other crooks and has publicly proved his crimiinal qualifications fitting him for such a role?  The only odd thing about it all is why the Court of Apoeal, though able to sit for other cases, still does not hear Najib’s appeal against conviction-

“Roles” in government normally require membership of the Assemby. Even  party hopper Moo had at least that qualification when chosen by the Agong despite not having had a single Asemblyman supporter in the “royal survey” Perhaps now that he is presently away from Press protection the Agong will royally deign to offer an explanation?

Meanwhile back to mega crook Najib. By all means let him be at least a Minister. If PM Sabri is even half way decent he should readily give way to a “PM” with proven criminal abilities to guide his royal confected gang of fellow criminals.

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