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Reports show mega thief Najib and one of his sons asking the Federal Court to annul a tax demand from them of almost 1.8 BILLION ringgit in tax arrears!

How does a Prime Minister, let alone his son, have an income that piles up such huge unpaid arrears of tax? One assumes that in Najib’s day as PM demands for tax due were kept in a bottom drawer with those relating to other prominent politicians.

Many Malaysians struggling to feed their families on inadequate incomes will want to see this mega thief sentenced to another life long spell in jail for these further crimes. Meanwhile he runs free among his fellow crooks in PN who blatantly prevent justice from taking its course.

Many others will wonder what happened to judicial independence with Najib’s criminal appeal apparently on permanent hold. The saying among lawyers “Let justice be done though the heavens fall” in Malaysia falls on deaf judicial ears.

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