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Don’t Be Fooled

There is a disturbing amount of reporting about how PH will assist PN in the public interest. How much of that is fuelled by sheer naivety and how much by hope of financial gain remains to be seen. But seen it will be. Just as 1MDB and mega crook Najib were seen.

Meanwhile the Court of Appeal, while active in some matters, remains silent on the matter of mega crook Najib’s appeal against conviction and sentence. As this has lasted months and as the Appeal Court seems able to tackle other  business perhaps the Chef Justice, who has ultimate responsibility, will explain to a puzzled public what prevents the Appeal Court from hearing Najib’s appeal.

So dont be fooled. Royal stooge Moo has moved on as his reputation started to stink uncontrollably and new royal stooge Sabri takes his turn. But who profits most? That is the still  unanswered question, And likely to stay unanswered while PN and PH flirt over “co-operation in the national interest”

There is and will not be any such co-operation. Thieves do not share their take but are happy if the police look the other way.

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