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Who Is Running The Shop?

Press reports record an “3 hour audience” between the Agong and his new Prime Minister. They do not go on to give any details as to why the meeting lasted that long. New instructions?

Formal contacts between Prime Ministers and monarchs occur in other constitutional monarchies, Britain for example, But three hours? What possible business can the Agong have with the Prime Minister that lasts that long? Cynics will see this as reporting in and to receive new instructions. And they will be justified. This Agong has shown repeated contempt for the political process as witness appointing the criminal Moo when no single MLA had expressed support for him.

And now we have three hour meetings! At the vey least the Palace should issue a report on what took so long between the, theoretically people appointed Prime Minister and the figurehead chief of State. Otherwise Malaysians will inevitably see this meeting as “reporting for orders” A strict search of the Constitution will provide no evidence for that!

Malaysians should be clear. They do not live in a democracy and the government is not chosen by the electorate. Instead they have slipped back into a dictatorship by unelected personalises who owe their positions to accidents of birth rather than achievement or quality,
As with racehorses-a subject of particular interest- there are always many more losers than winners.

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