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Did He Indeed?

Reports, so far un-contradicted, claims that PN  boss Sabri was “told by the Agong that he did not need to face a vote of confidence in the Assembly”

Press reports quoting a law minister can sometimes be inaccurate but this one is of such constitutional importance that the Agong needs to confirm or deny it. If indeed he did so he stepped way outside his constitutional role;  not for the first time. A vote of confidence is something that the Opposition can call for when it thinks fit.

So why the “regal” advice? Worry that a cobbled together government of crooks might be voted out of office and so spoil long laid investment plans? Or an attempt to show that the original choice of Moo, for whom no one had voted, was a sensible act of statesmanship and not what very many Malaysians think it to have been’

Desperate times call for desperate measures so a fear that a infected government might be voted out ,and so spoil everything, is easy to understand.  But not to forgive.

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