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The Truth Often Hurts

Why is there such a storm of criticism about the book recently published by former AG Tommy Thomas? After it is just a memoir by a senior and experienced lawyer about his career and things that happened and in which he was involved. The most probable explanation for this critical attack is that what he wrote is true. And the truth often hurts; especially politicians who want to appear omniscient and blameless. Whatever went wrong “wasn’t my fault”.

In politics and governance generally things more often go wrong rather than right, however well  meaning the hand on the tlller. So politicians should remember that to err is human, to forgive divine; as the proverb has it.

In a country with the manifold problems Malaysia currently has, pandemic, corrupt and illegitimate government and others, radical surgery may be the only remedy.  A general election, conducted honestly if that is still possible in PN land, can cauterise the country’s wounds and restore proper, legal, democratic rule. Thereafter there will be time to consider constitutional reform to prevent future repetitions of current abuse.

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