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Once more rears its ugly head with pubic advocacy of unity among Malay political parties being necessary to assure stability in Malaysia. Those advocating this theme cannot be seen as true Malaysians with the best interests of the country in mind.

Decades of community based politics have seen corruption grow and grow until Malaysians have seen the spectacle of a Malay Prime Minister stealing vast sums of public money and otherwise behaving in a manner better fitted to an habitual criminal than to a national political leader.

What is needed now is a political party totally free of communal handicaps. PH went a good way down that road and its 2018 electoral victory was proof positive that grown up rational government, free from corruption, is what the electorate wanted.

Unhappily so far corruption and communalism have succeeded in destroying what the electorate voted for in 2018. But, unless corruption leads to outright dictatorship, which is what proponents of communal politics are really asking for, no matter what they say, the only hope for Malaysia is a further general election to allow Malaysians to determine the country’s future.

Realising that it will probably not be possible to avoid a new electoral contest Malay supremacists are calling for a government not of competent, freely chosen leaders but just the old gang pf corrupt communalists whose main, if not only, aim is personal enrichment. Poor Malaysia!

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