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What Lies!

There have been some murky annals In the history of Malaysia since it was formed. Notably the mega thefts committed by former Prime Minister Najib and the racial slaughter overseen by his father.

However any dispassionate future historian will probably point to the egregious lying statement issued by Moo as the most outrageous political event in the country’s short history.

A crook openly admitting that he has no majority insisting on remaining as Prime Minister and, apparently expecting the Agong, who appointed him for no apparent or disclosed reason, to ignore his constitutional duty and retain him as Prime Minister.

The royal reaction to this mind boggling piece of impudence will be eagerly awaited by Malaysian voters. They should brace themselves for yet another disappointment.

Most countries have, at one time or another, really evil leaders. There is only one remedy. Change the system.

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