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Our MPs: Are they traitors or nation builders?

The Vibes reports that

Pasir Salak MP Datuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman stated that “some of those who signed the SDs withdrawing their backing (for Mahiaddin) have also signed a separate (secret) document expressing support for the government” (Aug 12, ‘Just wait for D-Day’: PM wouldn’t call for vote if he was unsure of winning, says Tajuddin’).

At a time when the country is being literraly hijacked from attending to a health pandemic by the political crisis of fifteen months, here we go again with yet another painfully disturbing statement.

You have a Member of Parliament telling us that there are MPs who are frogging left to right, right to left, to the extent that no one knows which side they are on as the opposition battles with Mahiaddin’s seventy over cabinet defenders.

If what Tajuddin says is true, then we citizens have to demand to know immediately whether some of our MPs are truly nation builders or traitors to sovereignty, peace, progress and development of our beloved, beleaguered nation.

Are they living up to the tenets of democracy or have they become pirates of nationhood?

How could an MP sign an SD meant for the Ruler’s attention to proclaim he/she does not support the embroiled Mahiaddin government and on that same breath vote otherwise in the vote of confidence exercise in parliament?

Are you not deceiving even our King?

By not standing up to your principles, and being proudly transparent about it, not only are you not fit to serve the rakyat, you have also put the country in a grave, sinking political danger that is of no help at all whatsoever in battling the health pandemic, the economic stalemate and the social crises.

We cannot go on and on putting up with such mysterious, dishonest, deceitful, plotters who are the biggest liability to a nation in grave danger and pain.

I plead with all the honorable media to expose these poison-laced frogs and civil society must continue to do their part to disseminate the expose.

Let us this Independence Day – our 64th Merdeka Day anniversary, celebrate the freeing of our nation from the greedy, deadly claws of such traitors. It begins now.

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