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Fortune Favours The Brave

Young Malaysians must feel bewilderment and disgust at the antics of their so-called government. And who can blame them? In the popular phrase, however hard you try you couldn’t make it up.

Like a rotten fruit there is only one thing to do and that is bin it. That you can do at the next election – unless Mahiaddin and his backers do away altogether with democracy and try to emulate Burma. The operative word here is try since a regime that can boast of nothing but theft probably cannot employ military force as a substitute for bribery.

So there may be nominal adherence to the law in the shape of a general election. That will be your chance to rescue your country from the slough of corruption and moral decay in which it now is; with politicians and ‘rulers’ engaged in futile and frivolous horse trading; each seeking maximum personal gain.

You do not need the African solution of a dictatorship, military or otherwise. You already have that. So the objective must be to lance the boil. For that you can and must use your votes to put in place a government that will clean house, attend to the needs of the people rather than themselves and their appointing masters and make Malaysia an honest and just place to live in.

Fortune favours the brave

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