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Won't Act. Can't Act?

It has to be one or the other when power exists but is unused despite a grave emergency. And it is only in those terms that the situation in Malaysia can be described.

There is a discredited criminal government in power. The whole country knows it so so must its constitutional Head. That person has all the legal powers needed to lance the political absicess but is not using them.

For that there has to be a, or a number of, reasons and most Malaysians can make educated guesses. Perhaps the kindest is that failure to act stems from shame at having made, for whatever reasons, the worst choice in the political history of Malaysia. A moribund crooked dealer and known as such to the whole country.

What can have been expected of such a person if elevated to the highest poltical office without the support of a single member of the Assembly; including the members of his own party? Presumably what has occurred. Mass corruption and personal benefit for the puppet masters.

The French revolution occurred mainly because those enjoying absolute power misused it to beggar their subjects to provide financial support for a House of incompetent criminals. In this century that might seem too extreme a remedy but remedy there must be. It exists in the current law but is not being used.

Abandoned power leads swiftly to the disappearance of those neglecting to employ it and that can happen in Malaysia as it has happened to so many other neglectful power holders of the past.

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