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Open Letter To The Yang Di-Pertuan Agong


You, and your fellow Rulers were, by the new Malaysian Constitution entrusted with the duties of rotating Head of State.

As such the law and the people of Malaysia expect you to discharge your constitutional duties in a fair and responsible manner. Not too much to hope for?

Among those duties is to appoint as Prime Minister the person who appears to enjoy majority support in the Assembly. That duty you duly discharged when the previous Prime Minister resigned and by the exeptional method of personally canvassing all the then members for their opinion as to who should succeed the departed Tun M.

As you, and most Malaysians, are aware the majority preference was for Anwar Ibrahim with no one favouring the egregious Muyhiddin. Whom you nevertheless appointed. An action unexplained to this day, though the subject of much speculation; most of which you would doubtless regard as unfavourable.

There is no need to list the damaging consequences of that decision. They are known to all Malaysian citizens. The criminal mis-government by your Prime ministerial choice is widely known.

There exists a proverb. “To err is human, to forgive divine” that seems particularly apposite to the current situation where forgiveness for individual and institution alike becomes daily more remote.

Constitutional standing endows you with powers to appoint which are, by the law of Malaysia, rescindable. Your fellow countrymen, or at least the majority of honest ones, know you can act in the public, as opposed to any other, interest and expect you to do so,

Yours sincerely. A well wisher for Malaysia.

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