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Letter To The Agong

Now that your choice, and that of perhaps one other, for Prime Minister has finally admitted that he is not wanted and gone you have to find another.

A glance at the record of your previous sounding of MLA opinion as to who should be Prime Minister will show you that the person at the top of your consultation list is available. You have only to appoint him and he will get his majority in the Assembly as you last choice, the egregious Moo, was reluctant to do; knowing he had no majority.

Malaysia is still, despite the efforts of some VIPs and some politicians, a parliamentary democracy. For such there are rules and those who break or ignore them gain only lasting infamy. Some might not care about that but Malaysians will not wish to list you among them.

So it is back to the Constitution. Your last choice, Moo, has run away. Now you have to make another and of one who will not hesitate to test a majority in the Assembly. You have to choose. That is the fundamental law of Malaysia. The people, hard pressed both by disease and rampant corruption, expect fulfilment of the fundamental law and are entitled to nothing less. Over to you.

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