London Laundromat

Blair Should Be Wary Of Building On Borneo

The plans for an ‘eco-city’ at Nusantara on the island of Borneo is fraught with environmental risk of global significance. Enthusiasts must hesitate from rushing in the name of progress where scientific experts would fear to tread …..

Fruits Of Foreign Funding?

The Beckenham MP, Bob Stewart, a frequent guest and parliamentary supporter of the Bahrain government, condemned by human rights groups, has been charged with abusive behaviour towards an activist who criticised those links. Is this another consequence of the influence of foreign money on UK politics and parliamentarians?…….

Who Influences The Real Influencers?

The UK media regulator OFCOM’s rules preclude the awarding of broadcast TV licences to any entity that holds a party political or public policy agenda. But it appears that is exactly what has been allowed to happen after the recent takeover of GB News….

Among Equals – The Zahawi Family Entanglements With Jeffrey Archer

The mentor and patron behind Nadhim Zahawi’s early political career was disgraced Lord Archer whose record is dogged by controversies. One of these was the Anglia TV share scandal where Zahawi’s brother in law and close colleague on Archer’s campaigns, Broosk Saib, acted as proxy on what appeared as insider trading but was never prosecuted….

Matters For The Urgent Attention Of The Ethics Advisor

As HMRC boss says there are “no penalties for innocent errors” Sarawak Report learns the reported NCA investigation was closed the day Zawahi became chancellor. Were the millions earned by his Kurdish family company from Western financed reconstruction projects part of that investigation and did money pass to his London property portfolio?…..

Arise Sir Jake

Is there anything Liz Truss could have done this weekend to make herself even more unpopular? You would not have imagined so, but she has just conferred a knighthood on the ‘On Your Bike’ man, her new Party Chairman Jake Berry! At least Berry has acted on his own advice when it comes to boosting his family funds it seems – EXCLUSIVE …..

Poacher Turned Gate-Keeper At No 11?

Is a man who either went to some lengths to avoid registering a discounted bulk purchase of 7 flats from a friendly donor in his own constituency or who dumbly failed to do so properly really the best choice to rescue the ‘Trusterfuck’ government in the UK? …..

Murky Business At Battersea?

As the Battersea Power Station development in London finally opens in the presence of the Agong and Malaysian developers backed by Malaysian taxpayers’ cash we look at some of the UK intermediaries who have profited while promoting the project in their capacity as decision makers in the public interest by at the same time taking up directorships with the spin-off company Eco World. Did murky Malaysian money muddy this London project?…..

Call In The Investigators Over UK’s ‘KamiKwazi’ Budget!

The Conservative Party’s ‘250 Group’ of major donors appears to have received troublingly close access to the new Chancellor, allowing potential insight into his budget plans denied others in a series of gatherings over the past weeks. Meanwhile, the line between so-called policy advisors and corporate catspaws has diminished to non-existent……

Liz Truss’s Chief of Staff Turned Witness By The FBI Under Threat Of Prosecution Over Illegal Funding Of US Campaign

Questioned by Sarawak Report the new Downing Street chief of staff Mark Fullbrook’s former employers, CT Group, originally lied claiming their work was not conducted for a former Governor of Puerto Rico via illegal foreign funding. Court documents now prove they knew it was. The top government advisor has now turned witness to avoid prosecution says the Sunday Times ……

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