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She Signed It Didn’t She?

PKR defector Zuraida, faced with the bond she signed when becoming a PH candidate at the last general election, now tries to avoid its consequences by claiming it is “unconstitutional”!

Will she stop there? How about claiming that the coup coalition which she made possible by undignified “frogging” is also unconstitutional? Which it certainly is. Headed by a Prime Minister for whom none of the MLAs interviewed by the Agong voted but still appointed for reasons that have not been clarified despite widespread thought that bad faith rather than bad judgment inspired it. A belief that becomes more widespread every day and which will certainly affect the voters at the next general election.

That is if there IS another general election. Perhaps potentates from the Gulf, so friendly with convicted mega thief Najib can offer advice? After all they do not have to bother about public opinion. Or any opinion apart from their own.

So that brings us back to the whining Zuraida. Why make such a fuss? PN, which has misused masses of public money, and passed a Budget that they cannot possibly implement honestly, can surely find a few cents to help an impoverished defector?

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