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Real Help

If Malaysia really needs help in fighting Covid infection it can purchase the needed vaccine from established producers; just as many other countries are doing.

If there is money for royal progresses to the Middle East there must be money to buy tested vaccines; a much more sensible use of public funds. Or are all the costs of this royal publicity stunt coming from private pockets? Pull the other one!

All Malaysians are fully aware of the criminal acts around 1MDB so it can be assumed that there is no regal ignorance. What does it say about anyone that they are happy to pay an official visit to a Gulf politician whose personal yacht was paid for, at least in part, by Malaysian taxpayers? If such a yacht is a necessity, as opposed to vulgar showing off, the people of Abu Dhabi should pay for it. How can it be justified that part of the cost should fall on the Malaysian taxpayer?

If there is any real help involved in this costly and vulgar jaunt it should be in the form of repayment of Malaysian funds stolen by mega crook Najib and his friends. If mega yachts are affordable such repayment should present no problem.

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