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Questioning Wisdom

A collection of Malay “supremacists” are reported as saying that the proclaimed intention of Anwar Ibrahim to contest in Court the proclamation of the current state of emergency amounts to questioning “the wisdom of the Agong” who consented to it.

What sort of a world are these people living in? Do they think that the Agong possesses some kind of divinely given wisdom that cannot be questioned? Did he have it before taking office and will it disappear when he does? Anyone is entitled to hold views, however foolish, but should have the wisdom to keep such absurdities to themselves.

The question as to whether the Agong and the PN government acted lawfully and in good faith is one that can be answered in the Courts and Anwar is perfectly correct, and entitled, to take it there. What the outcome will be remains to be seen when the Courts find the time to deal with the plaint.

Judging by the time being taken to bring on the hearing of Najib’s appeal against his conviction it is probable that Covid will be a distant memory before that plaint is heard.

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