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Belittling The Emergency

Was the reported comment of the PDRM CID chief in reference to the alleged behaviour of a brother of “Senior” Minister Azmin Ali. The rights and wrongs of the alleged offence to one side how is it possible for a very senior police officer to utter such a comment?

Is it a crime to criticise the Emergency on the basis that to do so attacks the Agong who approved it?

If so every action by any government that attracts criticism amounts to an attack on the Agong; perhaps on the basis that he installed its head? That latter acton certainly opens the Agong to criticism: the more so since he has not offered any justification for an apparently unjustifiable defiance of the views of all MLAs, secured by him personally in one on one interviews.  All that remains unexplained, if it is explainable on reasonable grounds, and while that is the case Malaysians can think the worst. As they are fully entitled to do.

The concept of Kingship is an outdated one and executive kingship exists only in unenlightened corners of the world. Since Independence, Malaysians have enjoyed the right to vote for their government.

Perhaps it is time that this is extended to all areas of government?  If an elected President gets it wrong the voters will have an opportunity to remove him. Just the possibility of that is enough to ensure that no wilful abuse of power will occur, or if it does, the abuser can be removed. Think about it.

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