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Defend The Constitution?

Opposition leader Anwar is reported as saying that he would appeal to the Agong to ”defend the Constitution”. Can he really have said that? After all, the Agong appointed as Prime Minister an MLA for whom not even one of his colleagues had voted when polled individually by the Agong himself. That extraordinary choice remains totally unexplained and will be regarded as at best irrational until it is clarified. That is, probably, never.

Why then should PKR leader Anwar expect the Agong to “defend the Constitution”?  Or explain his extraordinary choice of Muyhiddin for that matter. Or even for allowing a fake State of Emergency over Covid. One error can be attributed to lack of intelligence or inexperience, or both. But serial errors demonstrate either bad faith or incompetence amounting to unsuitability. Let the person concerned explain. If he can.

The Constitution certainly needs to be defended from the illegal assaults on it by PN and its backers but that seems unlikely in the near future as the pretext of medical emergency is persisted in. The actual Prime Minister is known to be in poor health so perhaps Malaysians will be released from tyranny by a “medical emergency” requiring retirement and yet another royal consultation.

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