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A Plague of Halls!

Unhappy Malaysia! Stricken by a plague of Covid and now a multiplicity of halls! Seeing the game was up with his one mega million ringgit hall Moo announced that the money was for THREE halls; not just one. He should have asked the PWD who would have told him that he could have ten halls for that money! Maybe, like Jack’s beanstalk, the three will sprout another dozen and Malaysians will, for once, have got proper value for their taxation money!

Just who does he think he is kidding? Himself and his fellow PN Assembly members perhaps, who are all awaiting their golden shower; or in many cases, have already grabbed it! The most striking thing is the almost comic ineptitude displayed by PN in their rape pf public money. Hall, halls, palaces. Who knows where it will all end? One thing is certain. It ought to end in long stay basic accommodation in Sg. Buloh where all concerned can reminisce about happier times with fellow inmates and ex Prime Minister Najib.

The oddest thing is how they hope to get away with it. Are they all flat owners in Battersea in London and think, possibly correctly, that they will not be extradited to face trial? Or do they think that the Malaysian electorate is like them, but poorer, and will vote them back into office? Dream now. The beds in Sg. Buloh do not encourage comfortable sleep.

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