GPS’s Drunken Disgrace!

Those who have conspired to thus beguile and trick their victims are no better than vile drug dealers who seek to suck the life blood from their clients……

Continuing Criminal Chaos Or A Proper Clean Up? Malaysia’s Choice

Sarawak Report has ended up reporting on volumes of corrupt practice in Malaysia over recent years. Now all the perpetrators are fighting amongst each other in the hope of regaining office and avoiding jail. It is not a pretty sight and such creatures and those who once supported them are not fit for office. Their only promise is more chaos and more corruption …..

Defamation Case Tossed Out!

A wealthy litigant has been left with egg on their face after a High Court tossed out their libel case today which had been brought against a respected media organisation…..

Will Ismail’s ‘Political Ammo’ Blow Up In His Face?

Former AG Tommy Thomas has filed his own case against the government against a clear violation of his constitutional rights in releasing, with malicious intent and in advance of any legal action, confidential details of an ‘illegal report’ by a ‘special task force’ with no lawful standing. He appears to have a strong case!

Arise Sir Jake

Is there anything Liz Truss could have done this weekend to make herself even more unpopular? You would not have imagined so, but she has just conferred a knighthood on the ‘On Your Bike’ man, her new Party Chairman Jake Berry! At least Berry has acted on his own advice when it comes to boosting his family funds it seems – EXCLUSIVE …..

Poacher Turned Gate-Keeper At No 11?

Is a man who either went to some lengths to avoid registering a discounted bulk purchase of 7 flats from a friendly donor in his own constituency or who dumbly failed to do so properly really the best choice to rescue the ‘Trusterfuck’ government in the UK? …..

Murky Business At Battersea?

As the Battersea Power Station development in London finally opens in the presence of the Agong and Malaysian developers backed by Malaysian taxpayers’ cash we look at some of the UK intermediaries who have profited while promoting the project in their capacity as decision makers in the public interest by at the same time taking up directorships with the spin-off company Eco World. Did murky Malaysian money muddy this London project?…..

Remember Remember The 5th Of November!

If UMNO was hoping to avoid constant reminders of its criminal connections and the global 1MDB scandal during GE15 then maybe November was not such a clever time to call it after all? The celebrity trial of the year is due to set off the fireworks on November 5th in Hollywood. If that was not in the UMNO PM’s diary then someone slipped up…..

Failing State….

The chaos and corruption of Malaysia’s present lawless regime is leading the country daily into further ignominy and into the ranks of ‘basket case’ countries best to avoid……

Call In The Investigators Over UK’s ‘KamiKwazi’ Budget!

The Conservative Party’s ‘250 Group’ of major donors appears to have received troublingly close access to the new Chancellor, allowing potential insight into his budget plans denied others in a series of gatherings over the past weeks. Meanwhile, the line between so-called policy advisors and corporate catspaws has diminished to non-existent……

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