MACC Goes After 'False' CV Entry!!!

MACC has lodged another police report against whistleblower Lalitha Kunaratnam, who is currently fighting a lawsuit brought by its chief commissioner Azam Baki.

This time, an MACC officer claimed that Lalitha had lied to the court by stating that she is a researcher with the Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4 Center).

The whistleblower, who is being sued by Azam for write-ups about his share ownership in public-listed companies, had put the job description in her statement of defence.

However, MACC is disputing Lalitha’s claim, saying that she was no longer an employee of C4 Center since Dec 2020.

Our comment

So the brave big boys of the MACC are not content with merely suing young Lalitha in a civil court, they have decided on a criminal charge and the best crime they have been able to come up with is that she pumped her CV!

Lalitha allegedly claimed she worked longer as a researcher for C4 than was actually the case, possibly to give herself a little more sense of backing as she exposed the highly questionable and extraordinarily well funded share dealing of the MACC boss.

The MACC boss says it wasn’t him but his brother using his account (for reasons unexplained). This is against the law but the SEC has said it has found nothing wrong.

However, the public remain outraged and the MACC have clearly decided that the only way to solve their problems is to destroy Lalitha in every way possible. Maybe they think this will deter other whistleblowers…. just in case there might be any chance of other less than flattering information out there about the MACC hierarchy?  Just a thought.

So, every parent (including those at the MACC) whose budding young off-spring might have somewhat over-burnished their credentials as they search for jobs had better now live in fear. A police report might loom from the agency set up to investigate high level corruption by officials of the state.

What we can be certain (after a solid track record of blindness in this regard) is that the legions of top politicians and officials who have been caught blatantly lying about their bogus qualifications and degrees will remain untouched.

No police reports from the MACC against them!

Kelantan Forestry Director Knows Where His OWN Makan Comes From, But Not Tigers'!

“Logging Is Good For Tigers” Says Kelantan Forestry Department

The Orang Asli community in Kelantan has blamed a recent tiger attack on the loss of habitat due to logging but state Forestry Department director Abdul Khalim Abu Samah has a contrarian view.

Khalim argued areas that are deforested are actually good for tigers.

He claimed that after an area is deforested, new vegetation will grow which will encourage the presence of new animal species that serve as food to tigers.

“Based on expert research, areas that have been deforested are actually good for the tiger population.

“The tiger population will become larger when small trees grow in the deforested area. The area will see the presence of animals such as mouse deers which is food for tigers.

“It will be easier for tigers to hunt their prey,” Khalim said.

In contrast, he claimed that it was difficult for tigers to find prey in a forest reserve.

Our comment

The Orang Asli who have lived in forests for centuries should be given credit for knowing what they are talking about, whilst it is extremely sad to see that a senior forestry official does not.

Perhaps he would like to name the “expert” he is referring to who says that tigers benefit from having their forests cut down as it makes it easier to hunt the no longer-existent prey, which themselves lived off the jungle?  We thought not!

One can only assume that this official is aware where his own makan is coming from at least (namely his bosses who are taking the money from the logging) even if it is hard to believe his claim to be unaware that habitat loss is the single most important factor in species extinction. 

His remarks are so self-evidently stupid and uneducated that it is clear that Kelantan Forestry Department ought to be investing in a basic primary school level science education for its leading lights – and the state government ought likewise to be providing for schools to start educating children about the vital facts of life when it comes to the environment on which all human beings also depend.

This man is not fit to manage forests and those who employ him are not fit to manage the state. Kelantan would clearly do a million times better if the wise Orang Asli, who actually understand the workings of the habitat on which Abdul Khalim and his ‘God fearing’ bosses and indeed all of us depend, were put in charge.

To put it in language that these religious experts might better understand (since science is plainly beyond their brains) God made earth the way it is so that man could live on it. If we raise it to the ground in a greedy grab, killing everything to make fast easy money for a few decision makers (which is by the way known as a sin), without even saving the seed to replant and reproduce, then we have spurned God’s gifts of life and we deserve to wither and starve in the desert we have created.

Does Abdul Khalim understand it better when put that way?

Time To Resign

The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) will open an investigation after receiving a police report made against MACC chief Azam Baki following his admission that his account was used by his brother to buy stakes in several companies.

According to a report by Harian Metro, Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin said it was understood that Azam (above) was currently being investigated under the Securities Commission Malaysia Act 1993.

“We have just received a report and if the offence is committed under the Securities Commission Malaysia Act, they will investigate.

When the excuse admits wrong-doing you have a problem

When the excuse admits wrong-doing you have a problem

Our comment

Azam Baki regards himself as innocent of wrong doing and able to justify his actions in every respect. Following the resignation of the most respected member of his commission’s Advisory Board in protest, that Advisory Board has issued a declaration of support for his position.

He will have his day in court (having sued a detractor) and his opportunity to be grilled about why he even had a share trading account, let alone millions of ringgit worth of shares, compared to his businessman brother who apparently did not and had to borrow his.

However, there comes a time (and for him it is now) when resignation becomes the only honourable thing to do, whether one believes oneself to be right or not. It is about perception and Azam Baki holds one of the most sensitive jobs in the country which deserves to be held by someone who is trusted by all. Instead, he is hanging on for all he’s worth and lowering the reputation of his office and his country by putting his own position first.

Six members of the Advisory Board, which was not entitled to ‘clear’ him in the first place, have now resigned. The police have announced they are investigating. Put simply, for very many people in Malaysia Azam Baki’s excuses for his bulging share account fail some basic smell tests. Worse, in making his threadbare excuse Azam, Najib-like, has thereby implicated himself in another form of wrong-doing which is the misuse of his account.

All the country has now been educated, thanks to the rules having flown around the social media, that the rules of the Stock Exchange forbid the use of one person’s share trading account by someone who is not the registered owner of that account. The top law man in the anti-corruption agency ought surely to have known this rule or kept a proper accountant to manage his affairs. Yet this is Azam’s best excuse: that his brother was illegally using his account, meaning the millions worth of shares being traded under his name were not his own.

Hmmmm. It is the same sort of excuse that Najib gave when he claimed the stolen 1MDB money in his account was in fact a kind ‘donation’ by a foreign power to help him win and election. The court of public opinion registered their view of that excuse and likewise this one. Reacting in the same way that Najib also did, Azam has gone on the warpath against detractors, wielding the powers entrusted by his office to try to save himself. He has secured a bogus exoneration and used it to sue an activist who pointed out his shortcomings.

And, like the corruption ridden BN regime, now sadly back in office, Azam is working against a background of dubious reputational issues which the entire country has been watching with growing dismay over several months involving thefts and misdemeanours by MACC staff from his close ranks and under his watch.

Azam should understand that the institution of resignation is a good one. It offers a form of dignity that an eventual punishment does not and immediately brings public sympathy through the recognition that one has put the country and its institutions before oneself. Whatever mess he has got into, innocently or not, he will thereby distance his organisation and its work from that odour and all would thank him.

His present attitude only underlines his perceived unsuitability for the position that he holds whether eventually found innocent or not.



GPS Post-Election Promises? The Poor Can Wait!

The Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) state government has been told to liaise with Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) to set up ATMs in all rural districts so that the cash aid promised by GPS during the recent state election can be dispensed soonest.

Parti Sarawak Bersatu’s (PSB) Miri chief Bruce Chai said that district offices can house ATM kiosks in a practical, secure and workable solution to dispense cash aid to over a million rural Sarawakians as promised by the ruling coalition.

“GPS has promised to give Bantuan Kebajikan Sarawak Sayangku 8.0 (BKSS8.0) to all B40 people and welfare recipients during the 12th state election,” …

Chai said that if GPS is sincere in wanting to fulfil its election pledge, it must “walk the talk”.

He noted that BSN outlets in Miri city are full due to overcrowding by people seeking to withdraw their cash every day.

“Desperate folk eager to secure the aid promised by GPS are coming to Miri city from even as far as the upper reaches of interior Baram just to check their bank balances.

“Their longhouses have no online facilities to check their bank accounts.

“They spend more than a hundred ringgit in transportation charges, and I have seen many queuing up at the Miri BSN premise from before dawn,” he said.

Chai added that he has seen people waiting in queues that extended onto the streets.

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-02 at 12.06.10 AM

Our comment

GPS proved themselves highly adept at raiding the state coffers to pay out the standard RM300 in crisp notes to voters according to all accounts (and plenty of visual evidence).

However, managing a country for the benefit of those who need to be assisted and uplifted takes a little more care and concern. As everyone knows, the only reason why GPS want to win elections is so that they can devote another five years to what they describe as “doing business” – namely devising ways to divert public money into private pockets.

Therefore, the post-election promises have not been given a single thought to. Desperately impoverished longhouse folk, who ought to have been awarded a minimum income to support their lives (in return for all the resources taken from their lands) have been spending their tiny resources to enter the towns in the hope of queuing for the promised handouts.

There are simply no channels to deliver cash to where they live.

Abang Jo is simply too concerned with nailing down all the jobs in the government for himself to bother about such trifles. He has rivals to fend off and his position in the dictatorship to secure.

The starving longhouse folk can wait for the next “election” in five years time as far as he’s concerned.

"We Cannot Follow Western Style Democracy" Hadi!

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang believes that most Umno Supreme Council members are in favour of cooperating with the Islamist party through Muafakat Nasional and Perikatan Nasional during future elections.

“Not all leaders in Umno want this cooperation. I understand that the majority in the supreme council wants cooperation. Umno should listen to its leaders, not the divisions.

“Divisions represent the grassroots. Itu lain cerita(that is a different story). We cannot follow western democracy. We must follow the leadership.

Our comment

Perhaps owing to all the ‘Western style’ surgery that has kept him going beyond his natural lifetime, it seems this old fellow has forgotten that it was ‘Western style’ democracy that gained him his leadership position in the first place.

Otherwise, he would still be a lowly self-styled cleric subject to the rule of his local royals in Kelantan and might even have faced summary Hudud justice (instead of namby pamby, human rightsy ‘Western style’ legal proceedings) over his upstart insurrections of days gone by that resulted in loss of life.

Having, thanks to democracy, been elected to his leadership position and then managed to barter his party into an UMNO led government (the party he originally described as apostate for prolonging ‘unIslamic’ rule) the greedy old boy would rather hang on to his power and order the younger chaps and grassroots to shut up and do as their leaders tell them.

The message? Don’t act as I did as a young man, act as I tell you because I want more than anything to continue to drive around in a Mercedes government car and enjoy the spoils of office until the day the doctors can no longer continue to patch me up.

In what Holy book this lecture can be found is quite another matter.

CCP Special Agent Najib?

Convicted former prime minister Najib Razak will be officiating the upcoming 2021 World Chinese Economic Forum (WCEF).

Alongside delivering a keynote address, the Pekan MP will also be attending the gala dinner and award ceremony as part of the event, which is hosted by Malaysia at the Sheraton Hotel in Petaling Jaya tomorrow.

Najib, who was described as a “national embarrassment” by judge Datuk Abdul Karim Abdul Jalil, will be speaking about “Building a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind” in his opening speech….

WCEF is an annual one-day event that aims to discuss the future of the world with China’s global stewardship.

This year will see 250 delegates comprising government leaders, captains of industries, and budding entrepreneurs discussing economic issues pertaining to the rising global superpower.

Besides a session on the topic of employing multilateralism when tackling global crises, the occasion will also facilitate discussions on China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Our comment

If anyone had any doubts that the corrupted Najib Razak was supposed to have delivered Malaysia bound hand and foot to the economic domination of totalitarian China this ought to settle them.

His story follows the model of many a resource and strategic target of the would-be ‘world economic steward’ whose leaders regard the personal liberty of their subjects as a mere inconvenience to be set aside for the greater goal of their own domination, not just of China but of everybody else as well.

Just facilitate the corruption of greedy venal leaders, such as Najib, in order to put them (and by extension their country) in China’s pocket. The Chinese are not the first would-be world empire to try this tactic and, like some third world tin-pot dictator, Najib has been only too happy to sell his country for handbags and diamonds and a movie or two.

So, consider the choice of the Sheraton Hotel KL, as the venue for this event to be highly emblematic.

This was where the coup against the democratic backlash against Najib’s perfidy took place. China invested a considerable amount of cash and political capital getting its claws into this crooked former leader (they channelled his thefts and have got the goods on all his corruption… Jho Low remains their hostage).  So the CCP is extremely gratified to see him fighting to return to the driving seat in Malaysia with UMNO now wedged back in office, thanks to the decisions of Najib’s own local sultan, the current royal appointer.

What this says about the present moral state of China and its attitude towards its aspirational role as ‘economic steward’ of the world population is telling. That they are willing to allow a convicted mega-crook (condemned not just throughout the free world but in his own courts) to be elevated and lionised in this way is a shocking reflection of the CCP’s present values and the hypocrisy of its so called anti-corruption agenda.

It is also a disgraceful snub to the Malaysian people who fought to remove a shameful crook from office and are now finding him re-imposed and allegedly rehabilitated thanks to full assistance from his handlers in Beijing.

Najib is a clear and present danger to Malaysia as he is clearly still China’s favoured agent to run the nation according to the dictates of a foreign power.  His job in return for being China’s agent? To line up Malaysia’s fate as the next domino to fall in the onslaught against democracy, liberty and the rule of law in Southeast Asia.

A Doctored Complaint And Inaccurate Claims By The Prosecution!

Deputy public prosecutor Yusaini Amer Abdul Karim said the criminal proceeding was instituted based on evidence relevant to the charge….

Rewcastle Brown, a British citizen, was charged in absentia at the Kuala Terengganu magistrates court in September.

Yusaini said the prosecution also vehemently denies the allegation that the charge was a “back door way to get even” with Rewcastle Brown…

“The criminal proceeding that was instituted was based on the evidence that is relevant to the charge which is read against the accused,” he said in the affidavit filed last week sighted by FMT.

Our comment

This session relates to the upgrading to ‘criminal’ of the Sultanah of Terengganu’s complaint against the book The Sarawak Report.

As Sarawak Report has already made clear these new charges, prosecuted a full three years after the matter was first referred to the police, are based on a police report that included a doctored version of the English sentence being complained about.

The doctoring of the text from what was actually published in the book appears designed to substantiate a surprising and tendentious claim that the sentence sought to suggest the Sultanah was the most important person in Terengganu (as opposed to a dutiful subordinate to her spouse). This is at the core of her ‘libel’ complaint.

In fact, the book just described her as “a key player” given her social position (Queen at the time) and powers of introduction. However, this fundamental inaccuracy through the changing of the words from what is actually in the book appears not to have bothered the prosecutors.

The prosecutors have also told the court that it is wrong to make the point that ‘Criminal Libel’ is not listed as a crime in the UK. They refute the point that it cannot be prosecuted against the author where she resides. Except that anyone can google the fact that it was removed from the statute books in Britain in 2010, having not been employed against anyone for over a hundred years and considered thoroughly outdated and undemocratic.

Prosecutors have also accused the author of having ‘fled’ Malaysia as if she was somehow a citizen, had residence or had any reason to be anywhere near Malaysia since Covid broke out two years ago. The sin appears to be a failure to predict a later resurrection of a complaint that had been shelved by police at the time and then not to illegally overstay in order to be arrested two years into the future.

What do Malaysians think the world will make of all this?

BN's Great Fight Against Corruption Over 1MDB?

Malaysia committed to UN anti-corruption efforts, Wan Junaidi says

MALAYSIA is committed to supporting the efforts of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) to combat corruption at global level, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Parliament and Law) Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar.

He said the commitment was proven through the efforts of the government to seize a part of the assets confiscated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission in the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal amounting to RM5 billion as well as the implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Plan (NACP) 2019-2023 through the National Centre for Governance, Integrity and Anti-Corruption Centre (GIACC).


Our comment

So Wan Junaidi, who together with his cronies is up to his neck in the system of corruption that has siphoned the national wealth into political pockets, now claims that it was the MACC who seized the assets of 1MDB and that the government made efforts to retrieve the money.

The leader of the government he was part of stole the money in the first place. The government he was part of then denied the theft for years, covered up and vilified the reporting. It was foreign agencies and governments who then seized the money abroad.

At this point, granted, having enacted a coup to overturn the popular vote the returning PN/BN crew of original kleptocrat parties have proven very eager to lay their hands on that money retrieved by others and indeed to take every excuse to bully settlements out of other entities who were caught up with themselves in thieving the money.

Where all that money has gone is clearly a scandal to be unveiled another day, since Wan Junaidi’s hopelessly corrupted and non-transparent government is not revealing such matters.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian Government is displaying all its anti-corruption credentials by what it does not by what this classic representative from Sarawak has to say. It has loudly proclaimed it is seeking once more to arrest the reporter who exposed 1MDB, on the grounds of ‘false reporting’, allegations raised by the now convicted UMNO leader in 2015 which the government sought to revive as charges on the very day that conviction was upheld.

With statements such as this from Wan Junaidi Malaysia’s BN government confirms its status as an anti-corruption laughing stock.

Swiss CEO Found Innocent!

CEO of Falcon Private Bank innocent of charges related to Malaysian graft scheme 1MDB.

…. The ruling is a landmark for white-collar crime and Switzerland: Leemann is a rare banker to be tried for money laundering and enabling corruption.

Leemann was «effectively the private banker» of al-Qubaisi, the Swiss court wrote in the ruling. However, prosecutors couldn’t demonstrate that the Swiss executive knew al-Qubaisi was acting in bad faith, the court ruled, noting it had arrived at the decision «in dubio pro reo».

Causal To Money Laundering

Falcon wasn’t as lucky: the bank was found to have a highly problematic set-up which fostered wrong-doing, the ruling found. «The organizational deficiencies and inadequate execution through internal orders, or the factual absence, were causal in not recognizing the incriminating business related to money laundering,» presiding judge Silvia Frei wrote in the ruling.

Ex- Falcon Bank CEO free to go back to work

Ex- Falcon Bank CEO free to go back to work

Our comment

Once more the ‘principle’ has been upheld that white collar crime should be considered virtually non-existent in the finance headquarters of the world dominated by banking interests, such as Switzerland, the UK and New York.

Leemann was the experienced ex-Goldman Sachs banker in charge of running Falcon Bank for the brigands from the Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund Aabar. However, the Swiss judge has found that it was not demonstrated that he knew his bosses were all crooks.

However, what the judge did acknowledge was that the set up presided over by Leemann (whose experience means that he ought to know how a bank should be run) was such that it was designed to “foster wrongdoing”. One wonders why he allowed an organizational structure that positively encouraged criminal money laundering activities, such as 1MDB, however the judge is ruled he cannot be blamed.

So, Leemann, whom Fine News point out in their wider report is a very rare banker to be brought to trial in Switzerland or indeed anywhere else, is found innocent – as have the numerous other players in Goldman Sachs who took huge bonuses from 1MDB but were never charged for their involvement. Likewise the executives of dozens of other banks which have themselves been fined, sanctioned or like Falcon closed down over 1MDB bringing no direct consequences to the executives who made the decisions themselves.

Likewise also the entire off-shore system that is equally set up and organised with the sole purpose of laundering criminal proceeds or hiding taxable income. As long as those who operate this system are not considered liable for the corruption that it is designed to foster this criminal behaviour will continue at the expense of everyone else. Switzerland, the City of London and the power-mongers on Wall Street will doubtless take a great deal of convincing given their culture of dependency on the super-rich.

Foolish Fall Guy Or Financial Mentor - It's Either Or!


If former prime minister Najib Razak really was the mastermind behind the theft of 1MDB-linked billions, why has only a miniscule fraction of the stolen money been linked to him?

That’s the question asked by Najib’s former political communications consultant Romen Bose in a forthcoming book.

He writes that the RM42 million found in Najib’s personal bank account that supposedly belonged to SRC international amounted to “only about 0.22% of the US$4.5 billion (RM18.6 billion) that US prosecutors say was supposedly looted from 1MDB” and reasons that “it must be that the remaining 99.8% of monies allegedly looted from 1MDB went to the actual mastermind and his accomplices”.

Bose questions whether a more likely explanation would be that Najib was made the fall guy in a complex plot to rob the state investment agency, with those truly responsible paying off officials to keep the prime minister in the dark and planting the RM42 million so that if the plan fell apart, “it would be Najib left holding the bag”….

“I am certain he will triumph in the end. His enemies should be afraid. I would be.”

Our comment

Penguin Books have ducked and dived, refusing to answer journalists who have enquired as to why the once proud publishing house has shamefully backed this apologist book on behalf of the world’s most notorious convicted kleptocrat.

The writer of the book, who himself received stolen money from 1MDB for his role as Najib’s communications guru, takes his opportunity to repeat the ridiculous claim that Najib was a patsy who was duped into receiving millions into his own accounts, whilst at the same time promoting his boss as the financial mentor to the nation.


He then directly threatens those whom Najib regards as his enemies to “be afraid” because the convicted criminal is bound to return to highest office. In their position, says Bose, he would be.

Such dark statements can but draw the minds of critics and most Malaysians back in the direction of episodes that remain unsatisfactorily unresolved whilst linked to Najib, such as the death of Altantuya and other episodes where the motive for murder have remained unclear for those convicted. Now there’s the true meaning of being a fall guy.

Meanwhile, Bose continues the theme of having one’s cake and eating it, as he follows his ‘bossku’s’ other tactic of admitting whilst at the same time denying that Najib did take the SRC cash by claiming that it such a small amount it didn’t count.

So far, Najib has ‘only’ been convicted of stealing RM42 million after all. Bose points out in his fawning narrative that this was only a small proportion of the whopping RM4 billion of public cash that Najib caused to be siphoned out through the fund before being lost.

So, argues Bose, why make such a fuss about ‘peanuts’? For the high and mighty Najib we are talking petty cash. That jail is good enough for small people who steal really small sums by comparison to this does not occur to Bose any more than to his paymaster [did they pay Penguin to publish this book? Penguin won’t answer, so we don’t know].

However, Bose’s arguments weak as they are are weakened further by the facts that he has chosen to ignore. So far, Najib has been convicted merely on a fraction of the crimes with which he has been charged.

By minimising the significance of a ‘mere RM42 million’ the con-job PM is plainly hoping to make his “triumphant return” before the chickens come home to roost in court regarding the rather larger sums, namely billions, that he is charged with looting.

Naturally, in his dreams of returning as PM10 Najib’s first move will be to order the dropping of all such prosecutions that are presently in the process of revealing ever more damning evidence of his crimes. Bose will then join lawyer Shafee in the ruling Pantheon of Najib’s most loyal advisors to ruin the country.

Wake up. The SRC convictions over the RM42 million related only to cash that was never exported from Malaysia which therefore presented local prosecutors with a relatively simple case to ‘swiftly’ convict their errant ex-PM (it has taken a mere three years so far, which represents lightening speed for the Malaysian courts when it comes to cases against the powerful such as him).

Under Najib’s instructions the vast majority of SRC cash was swiftly send abroad on spurious grounds and ‘lost’. At the same time, Najib’s protege Jho Low was dabbling in the purchase of his own strategic resources using a company with an eerily similar name to SRC!

But, what else happened to that exported RM4 billion raised after Najib had bullied KWAP to lend it and the Cabinet to guarantee the money? Well, as the later court cases and convictions are due to remind the public once these more complex matters have ground their way through the glacial courts, an awful lot of it also found its way back into Najib’s personal accounts in KL. A great deal more than RM42 million!

Long before the 1MDB bond money was flushing into Najib’s 2112022009694 dollar account at AmBank KL, a whopping USD170 million had arrived in November 2011. This was just a couple of months after the first RM2 billion draw down by SRC from KWAP took place in August at which point a lion’s share of the cash had been sent to SRC’s ‘International Account’ at Julius Baer bank in Hong Kong where it was held in dollars.

USD170 million represented around RM800 million – almost half the total cash raised through that borrowing from KWAP, which Najib had caused his government to underwrite. It went from Julius Baer, via the Jho Low owned bogus Blackstone offshore subsidiary (Blackstone Real Estate Asia Parters BVI) and into Najib’s KL dollar account.

Does Bose think Najib was duped into receiving this? Does he think that Najib was likewise deceived by Jho Low into thinking this was yet more of the ‘Saudi Royal Donation’ money, supposedly later provided in March 2013?  It won’t be the first time Najib will have confused his dates, as the Appeal Court judges pointed out last week. Najib was also seeking to claim he was deceived in this way in 2014/15 into believing he was receiving the same donation money when the RM42 million came locally through SRC. This was a year after he was claiming to have sent the money back.

Bose seems to be expecting Malaysians to regard a man whose excuse for monies received in 2011 and then 2014 is that he thought it came from a donation he claimed to have both received and then returned in 2013 as both an innocent dupe and a financial advisor to the nation.

With regard to the fallback argument that RM42 million is relative peanuts. Even Bose cannot claim the same for the RM800 million that was likewise earlier stolen from SRC only to pop up in Najib’s account can he?

All this is due to re-emerge to remind Najib’s followers (whoever they might be) that he is a massive kleptocrat who tells massive lies. Sarawak Report assumes this makes it one of Najib’s enemies and we register Bose’s warning, published by Penguin Books, that the editor should therefore ‘be afraid’.