Land Grabs

Flying to Freedom

Well done Sibu!

They came with flattery and promises of much needed investment. They used their control of the state and the media to bombard the city with propaganda and of course Flying to Freedom THREATS that if it did not vote for BN they would make sure the region was punished. But, despite all this, the people of Sibu recognised their real interests; they made a stand […]

‘Millions for Development’ Who profits?

Members of the Sarawak Government always accuse people who criticise their policies of being enemies of ‘progress, development and modernisation’. These government policies include stripping the country of its rainforests, taking Native Customary Rights Lands from traditional communities and covering thousands of square kilometres with palm oil plantations. But who is really profiting? Taib Mamud

Mafrel Report

 Excerpts From Mafrel’s Reports Into The Problems Of Gaining Birth Certificates And Voter Registration For Citizens In Rural Regions Of Sarawak – November 2009             Problems to obtain Birth Certificate Many problems caused the communities here to go without birth certificate. A major complaint is that those kids born in clinics are given birth certificates

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