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Legalised Theft

The latest criminal action by the minority PN “government” is to use the “emergency” to authorise PN to allow funds to be spent beyond what was authorised in the recent “budget” ! Not content with pillaging the public purse by a “Budget” the King had demanded by passed by a dubious Parliament under threat of […]

Police Harassment

PDRM harassment of protesters in connection with UNDI 18 is righty criticised by PH leader Anwar. If the PDRM have nothing better to do than harass young people then it is time to make some sweeping reductions in its numbers; starting with the IGP. Everyone in Malaysia knows that young people are fully aware of

A Slip Of The Tongue?

Press reports quote a PN youth information chief as claiming that PN has displayed  “leadership, policy wisdom and sincerity” in defending the people’s welfare since it “took office” Possibly he meant to say that PN ministers, headed by ‘PM8’ had done all of that. For themselves! It is a pity that he did not think

Only 1.7% Forest Land Degraded?

In a cynical speech “Prime Minister” Moo claimed, amid other inaccuracies, that only 1.7 per cent of “forested areas” in Malaysia are “degraded” Obviously he knows nothing, or prefers to pretend ignorance, about the disaster inflicted on Sarawak and Sabah forests (and on the Peninsular) by his political allies, notably Taib Mahmud. Does he also

Corrupt Young Turks?

Is how some officers of the PDRM are described in press reports as being “unhappy and threatened” by the “strong anti corruption stand” adopted by the current IGP. What sort of a world are Malaysians finding themselves living in when corrupt coppers can be openly described as “young turks”? It is entirely believable that there

One Of Them Has Got The Message

UMNO’s Deputy president is quoted saying that Malaysian democracy  must be better and stronger than before and going on to say that “recent events” had uncovered the weakness and fragility of Malaysia’s democracy. You can say that again! Or less politely and obliquely that a group of political gangsters had, with top level support, imposed

New Deal! Long Time Stay!

Is what the frog PM is promising Malaysian voters. Just quite what sort of new deal he didn’t bother to explain. Malaysians are just supposed to take his word for it!  He addd that PN would be there for a long time stay! Was that a prediction about the result io the next general election?

Birds Of A Feather

Keep each other company. But that does not mean that they are super intelligent. The truth of that is demonstrated by the defection of PKR MLA Jayakumar to ‘PM8’s’ PN. Unfortunately what little was said to justify this latter day frog jumping did not explain the motive of this particular “frog”. But most Malaysians will

Waste of Police Time Or Plain Police Harassment

Press reports indicate that senior PH personalities have been questioned by the PDRM over a PH media statement on the emergency proclamation. Presumably the PDRM have found something in the law that makes criticism of government actions illegal? Or does such criticism imply an attack on the Agong as press reports on this incident seem

Licking The Boots Of An Accused Murderer

Former Defence and current Foreign Minister, Najib relative Hishamuddin, has circulated photos showing Malaysia’s ‘PM8’ finally receiving his ‘personal welcome’ by the Saudi Crown Prince (who just happened to be at the airport to also meet the Kings of Jordan and Bahrain and Moo timed his visit back from Medina). It is a meeting that

From The Horse’s Mouth

In a blatant and entirely unrepentant statement PAS boss Hadi Awang admits that there was a plot dating from immediately after the 2018 election to “topple the PH government!” There speaks a true democrat. Having been thoroughly rejected by the voters what did PAS do? Re-think its policies and message to the electorate? Not a

Reject Graft And Corruption

The reported words of PH leader Anwar Ibrahim. Well and good but why did he go on, as also reported, “not rule out the possibility of working with UMNO”?  Has he failed to notice Muyhiddin and his friends, including UMNO, pushing PH out of power and installing a crooks delight regime in its place? The lesson,

Death Of Democracy

The self styled “de facto” law minister is reported as saying that the “Cabinet will not advise the King to allow the Assembly to meet before August 1. What this means is that PN will continue to do what it likes, steal any public funds it can and generally trample on democracy. He did not

Cat Out Of The Bag

In the course of a self serving and mendacious interview “PM8” stated, among other things, that he “understood the meaning of democracy”.  Unfortunately he did not go on to say that he respected it or would abide by its rules. How could he when he is in his place only as a result of possibly

Treachery Has Its Price

In the case of the two PKR defectors what voters are wanting to know is what that price was.  What does a tiny majority cost? And is this a sign that Moo, shamed by the public statements by the Agong, is about to hold a session of Parliament?  Despite, of course, his claim that it

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