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Barrack Room Lawyer?

Najib, who never lets a day pass without some form of self publicity is now questioning the “legitimacy” of the PN government which has so far kept him out of jail by blocking the hearing of his appeal against conviction. Biting the hand that feeds him comes to mind. Or is it the plan that with the disappearance of the PN regime will come his disappearance from Malaysia?

Whatever else it certainly cannot be argued that he is wrong to describe PN as “illegitimate”.  Headed by an invalid that none of his Assembly colleagues wanted as Prime Minister and whose intended role as puppet for the puppet masters has been a disastrous failure and an outstanding object lesson to all concerning “think before you steal” There are aways consequences as PN will discover as its members find their way to long term residence at Sg. Buloh.

For Najib there is a simple message. Vote with PH to boot out Moo and his crooked friends. It might even get you some remission of sentence. If nothing else it might make up for religiously swearing what you knew to be a lie.

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