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Allow Debate!

What has democracy come to in Malaysia when the “governing party” has to be urged to allow debate? Malaysians should recognise that what they have is an illegiimate government, in minority in the Assembly, headed by a terminally ill deadbeat who NONE of his fellow MLAs wanted as Prime Minister.

In the face of this wholly undemocratic situation it is no wonder that MLAs are demanding debate. But will Moo make a  pretence of being s democrat; even no one voted for him, and allow a motion of no confidence. Whether or not any government has the confidence of a majority of MLAs is fundamental.With it they can govern. Without it they must make way for others.

But that, it seems, is not how PN and their top level backers see things. They simply want to get their sticky fingers into every  pie in order to steal it. In that context the latest news from Johor is relevant. Does the State belong to its Sultan so that he can personally take whatever wealth it possesses?

Covid has been used as an excuse to cover up pillaging the Malaysian economy. Do the PN thieves really believe they can get away with that? They should look at what happened to Najib!

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