Last night as Malaysians around London crowded in to celecbrate an impromptu ‘Open House’ warning calls started coming in via KL to Sarawak Report.

It seemed unbelievable, but Najib Razak, the ultimate cheater and trickster, was still angling to pull off a ‘victory’.

It was not just his jangling of deep pockets, full of stolen public money, to try and tempt over newly elected MPs.  Najib and his allies had a plan to influence the rulers, the informants warned, and to get them to reject the Harapan leader Dr Mahathir.

“They want to sow confusion, they want to gain a delay and that will be their window to wear things down and alter the result. We must not give them that delay, do not give in to the requests to put forward different candidates as Prime Minister instead of Dr Mahathir”

That was the warning and it was urgently passed on in all directions.  It seemed inconceivable, that in the face of such a stunning and decisive defeat deliverd by the people at GE14, that BN’s leader could attempt such an outrageous denial of democracy.

However, this morning we see that the brazen tyrant of a former Prime Minister, who had called the army to surround his house last night in fear and had ducked out of a press conference and gone into hiding, has now come back to try and put the plan into effect.

Najib aims to cheat the people. He aims to achieve a delay, sow confusion, argue the ‘legal’ toss about Mahathir’s right to succeed and thereby find a way back to power.

It is his wife who has refused to step down, say the sources around the defeated couple. So, she has sent him out again to perform these acrobatics of deception and attempt to argue over ‘procedure’ in order to frustrate the people’s choice of his successor.  WORSE, in the process he hopes to find a way to cling on to power and defy the election result.

Don’t let him. The voice of the people is sovereign. The voice of the people IS the law.

This is the man who has disgusted the nation over recent weeks with his outrageous tricks and abuses of power, demanding that the Register of Societies disband Mahathir’s party, whilst validating his own, which was the one in constitutional breech.  He then achieved another procedural nonsense ruling to prevent Mahathir, in a logical extension of this nonsense, from being allowed to represent the Harapan Coalition in the campaign.

He ordered Mahathir’s face cut out of posters and if anything outraged Malaysians more.

The people made their resounding choice, despite the cheating, the disabling and the gerrymandering.  So, Najib held up the results for hours, trying this way and that to get off the hook.  As the nation watched the victories called, the EC held back, on his orders, from announcing them.

To keep peace and respect popular dignity and safety Mahathir was patient.  Imagine Najib in the same circumstances, he would have been round at the Agong’s place with his soldiers demanding a midnight swearing in!

And with that Najib put into play his final desperate plan.  This is a man so used to winning through cheating, so used to finding every man’s price, that instead of wisely fleeing the country, he has emerged again today to argue the toss over the decision of the people.

Shame on Najib, to have abandoned his dignity even at this hour.  To attempt to use power and authority he no longer has to persuade the country’s rulers to listen to the procedural nonsense he himself orchestrated to try to deny the winners of this election their own choice of leader.

He was to spin a delay, sow confusion and ….. he hopes, buy the numbers back to favour himself. He still dreams that in the next few hours it could be HIM STILL that drives up ‘triumphant’ to see the Agong and be sworn back in to office.

Harapan must not flinch and they must not stress the nation by tolerating such delay.

Sadly, it may be the case that the people’s job is not yet done.  Sadly, if necessary, the public holiday just announced may still hold work to do.  Peacefully, but firmly, the people may have to let the rulers know that is the people who are boss and remind the former Prime Minister, who faces serious prosecutions for many crimes, that he is about to add the worst of all possible violations to that list by attempting to frustrate the election in this way.

Out of all of his dreadful deeds, none would be worse than an attempt by Najib to snatch a deceitful ‘victory’ out of the jaws of his crushing, unarguable defeat yesterday in GE14.

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